ACCESS Case Story 1: Chichigalpa Association for Life and Nicaragua Sugar Estates Ltd.

Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO)

ACCESS Case Story No. 1

Chichigalpa Association for Life and Nicaragua Sugar Estates Ltd. 

By Pablo Lumerman and Duncan Autrey 

In a town suffering from poorly-understood but widespread Chronic Kidney Disease, a community mobilized against the company that they thought was the cause of lost lives and lost livelihoods.

One community organization and the company moved from confrontation to collaboration in finding ways to address their conflict and the disease. An in-depth local dialogue process sponsored by the CAO contributed some relief if not remedy to what turned out to be a complex public health problem. It helped raise national and international attention to this widespread epidemic and the need to address the right of the community to wellbeing and sustainable development.

The dialogue was an important step in a long-term process needed to address the serious challenges presented by the disease. Yet ongoing conflicts with other stakeholders point to a need for the broadest possible engagement to continue the process of conflict transformation and address serious outstanding grievances.

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