Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

National Human Rights Institution


Accreditation status: A

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (“AIHRC”)  is governed by the Law on the Structure, Duties and Mandate of the AIHRC and Article 58 of the Constitution. According to these, the Commission is an independent body, established with the purpose of monitoring the access of peoples to human rights, as well as the human rights situation in the country, promoting and protecting human rights, investigating cases of violations and taking measures for the improvement and promotion of the human rights situation in the country. The Commission has the right to examine witnesses and collect evidence. During the investigation, all persons, state and local government bodies are obliged to provide information and documentation required by the Commission.

The Monitoring and Investigation Unit of the AIHRC is responsible for receiving complaints of abuses from the public, investigating those abuses and addressing them with the relevant authorities.

Who can access it? 

All Afghani citizens, including women and children against who a human rights violation has taken place.


Law on the Structure, Duties and Mandate of the AIHRC

Constitution of Afghanistan

Last annual report

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July, 2013

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