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Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is an agricultural processor that converts crops into food ingredients, animal feed, renewable fuels and natural alternatives to industrial chemicals. The company operates in more than 75 countries around the world. ADM’s Human Rights policy states that, while they are not growers, they work collaboratively with stakeholders—including other industry participants, governments and NGOs—to address opportunities for improvement in the agricultural supply chain and to develop relationship with agricultural contractors that are committed to their human rights standards, including worker rights and conditions, on-farm health and safety, and the land rights of indigenous peoples. If the company learns that suppliers do not satisfy the principles or misrepresents the conditions under which crops, goods or services have been produced, ADM will take appropriate action. If suppliers do not demonstrate a good-faith effort to address issues in timely manner, those actions may include exclusion from new direct contract or the termination of the relationship.

ADM’s Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) applies to all employees, officers, directors, contract workers and Agents of ADM, as well as divisions and affiliates. ADM expects that, when working on their behalf suppliers, business partners, agents and consultants uphold the principles of the Code.

Concerns about supplier-related issues and other questions, concerns about integrity or compliance with laws or company requirements, or allegations of misconduct can be reported through the ADM Way Helpline.

Who can access it?

The ADM Way Helpline can be accessed by employees. The Human Rights policy also encourages individuals with concerns about supplier-related issues to contact the ADM Way Helpline.

Individuals who want to remain anonymous may submit a complaint through the online form, call the ADM Way Helpline by phone or write a letter to Compliance team without identifying themselves.

How does it work? 

Incidents can be reported through several avenues:

The Code states that ADM will investigate all reports of possible ethical or legal misconduct as promptly as possible, keeping details of investigations confidential to the maximum extent possible, consistent with resolution of the issue and in compliance with applicable laws. At times, ADM colleagues may be called upon to assist with internal or external investigations of alleged misconduct.

Filing out the online report form

Individuals can report the details of the incidents by submitting their complaint in the online report form to the ADM Way Helpline. This report form is available in English, Spanish, French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazil), traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, French (France), Hindi, Portuguese (Portugal), and Russian.

The complainant will then be prompted to choose a primary issue of concern – among which discrimination, environmental concerns, safety concerns/violations, threats and physical violence, sexual harassment etc. - before accessing the specific report form. Users have to specify their role in the incident, providing both a brief summary and a detailed description of the issue. The detailed description should include as many specific details as possible, including:

  • The date and time the issue occurred and whether it is recurring
  • The people involved in the issue
  • The description of the issue
  • The reason for reporting the issue.

If the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, they should ensure that they do not provide details that will reveal their identity.

Lastly, the complainant needs to indicate the location where the incident occurred. Once the initial online form is submitted, users will receive a report number and a PIN. With this report number and PIN, users can log in to the system by clicking on ‘follow up on an existing report’. They can then check the report’s status or add other details of the raised issue.

Calling the ADM Way Helpline telephone service.

Individuals can also bring to the attention of the company a particular issue calling any of the listed country numbers. The ADM Way Helpline telephone service is free, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to those located in countries that have available access codes. According to the Code, its operators speak nearly all languages.

Raising questions and concerns with local resources.

Questions and concerns regarding work conditions can be raised through local resources such as internal supervisors, managers or human resources professionals.

Raising questions with appropriate representatives

In some locations, appropriate representatives selected by employees can be reached to raise issues, for instance through labor unions or works councils.

Contacting the compliance team

The Compliance team is available to raise questions and concerns about the integrity or compliance with laws or company requirements. Apart from the online form and the phone service, the Compliance team can be reached by mail and e-mail.


The ADM’s Code of Conduct is subject to the laws and regulations that govern the work done on the company behalf. Given that laws vary drastically from one country to the next, concerns about conflicts between laws and company policies can be clarified contacting the company. The anonymous reporting service may be subject to the local law requirements if applicable.


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