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Grievance and Resolution Procedure


Barrick Hemlo (‘Hemlo’) is an operation by the Barrick Gold Corporation, a mining company headquartered in Canada. It consists of the Williams mine, an underground and open pit mine, located approximately 350 kilometres east of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Hemlo has adopted a grievance mechanism aimed at managing complaints from communities and other local stakeholders.

Who can access it? 

The grievance mechanism can be accessed by the communities surrounding the mines, and other local stakeholders. The grievance mechanism does not incorporate employee-related grievances. Employee-related grievances should be address through other channels.

How does it work?

Grievances can be submitted through several channels:

  • Submitting a complaints form. Complaints forms can be downloaded here (see page 2), or picked up at Williams Security.
  • By leaving a message by phone detailing the concern or feedback.
  • By submitting feedback via email.

If the complainant would like a response to their message, they should leave their name, phone number, or email address.

The grievance procedure states that a response to grievances / complaints will be given in letter format within 20 business days.

The grievance mechanism follows the following process to address grievances:

First Order Mechanism:

If a complaint can be resolved directly between the site and the complainant, a Grievance Committee through a process of direct and/or mediated dialogue will meet to resolve and respond to the complaint.

Second Order Mechanisms:

If the complaint cannot be resolved between the Grievance Committee and the complainant, the Site General Manager along with the Grievance Committee will be involved in the direct and /or mediated dialogue and look to address and respond to the grievance.

Third Order Mechanisms:

If the complaint cannot be resolved, a third party mediator or the formal Judicial System will be implemented based on the parties coming to consensus on the process moving forward. The decision which methods is to be used depends on the parties.


Barrick Hemlo Website

Barrick Hemlo Policy and Procedures manual – Grievance & Resolution Process

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February, 2016

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