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CAO Case - India / Atul Ltd.-01 / Gujarat

Brackish Water Research Information Complaint regarding Atul Limited, India 2006

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Complaint Atul Limited is a leading chemicals manufacturer in Western India, which owns two manufacturing sites in Gujarat State, India: 1,250-acre Atul site and 33-acre Ankleshwar site. There are five manufacturing divisions at Atul site, which include agrochemicals, bulk chemicals & intermediates, colors, pharmaceuticals & intermediates, and polymers. In June 2006, Brackish Water Research Information (BWRIC), a civil society organization in Gujarat, lodged a complaint with CAO with concerns that the company was not providing sufficient access to environmental and social documentation.

CAO Action

In an agreement facilitated by CAO Ombudsman, the company agreed to provide both social and environmental documentation to BWRIC. Subsequently, the complainants confirmed that they were satisfied with the information provided by the company.


Case Status: Closed

The complaint was closed in June 2007.


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