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CAO Case - India / Chemplast-01 / Cuddalore District

Corpwatch India and Cuddalore District Consumer Federation Council Complaint Regarding Chemplast Sanmar Limited, India 2002

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Chemplast Sanmar Limited (CSL) is a part of the Sanmar Group of companies who proposed to locate a new plant on 100 acres of land of which 80 acres have been allotted by State Industrial Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT). According to IFC, the company selected the SIPCOT industrial area in Cuddalore because the land was barren, uninhabited and unutilized.

CAO Action

In June 2002, Corpwatch India and the Cuddalore District Consumer Federation Council filed a complaint on behalf of communities affected by the project in Cuddalore.


Case Status: Closed

The complaint was closed in January 2005 because IFC did not renew the project.


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