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CAO Case -Turkey / Standard Profil-01/Duzce

Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions Complaint Regarding Standard Profil Otomotiv Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S., Turkey 2008

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IFC has invested in two projects relating to the company Standard Profil, a manufacturer of plastic automobile components with production facilities located in Duzce, Turkey. The first investment in 2006 was to facilitate the improvement of operational facilities and the second investment in 2007 was expected to support innovation through the company’s R&D capacity in order to create employment opportunities for highly skilled, Turkish technicians. In September 2008, the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (Turk-is) lodged a complaint with CAO on behalf of workers of the Petroleum Chemical Rubber Workers’ Trade Union of Turkey (Petrol-is) and Standard Profil.

CAO Action

CAO Ombudsman conducted a preliminary field visit in November 2008 followed by regional consultation visits to discuss the possible options to achieve a resolution. In the Stakeholder Assessment Report, completed in February 2009, CAO recommended that Standard Profil take the following actions:

  1. Promote awareness of IFC Performance Standards 2 (PS2) on Labor and Working Conditions by means of increased visibility in the workplace;

  2. Together with CAO, assist workers and management to implement a training program to ensure the effective application & understanding of PS2 requirements;

  3. In consultation with CAO & IFC, implement an independent labor audit to provide assurance of adherence to IFC’s core labor standards.


CAO received confirmation from the relevant parties that the recommended actions provided a satisfactory resolution of the complaint. As such, CAO is now working with both Standard Profil and IFC in pursuit of effective implementation of the recommended actions. In January, a CAO-hired labour training expert carried out training for workers and managers on Performance Standard 2. CAO will continue to monitor progress until the satisfactory completion of all agreed actions and accordingly, the complaint remains open.


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