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CAO Case - Peru / Maple Energy-01 / Nuevo Sucre and Canaán

Community Complaint

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In July 2007, the IFC approved a Category B project with Maple Energy, a privately-held integrated energy company with operations in Peru. The project will finance the company’s capital expenditure program in the short-to-medium term, which includes drilling and well work-over programs and related activities to extend production of existing hydrocarbon fields; exploration and related activities in hydrocarbon concessions; and development of a greenfield ethanol project.

In April 2010, a complaint was filed with the CAO from local community members of Nuevo Sucre and Canaán in Loreto, Peru with the assistance of national and international NGOs. The two Indigenous communities are located on the Ucayali River in the lower Ucayali region of Loreto, in proximity to the company’s two mature crude oil producing properties. The complaint cites several social and environmental concerns, among them negative impacts to the communities’ health and to the environment.

CAO Action

The CAO determined that the complaint meets its eligibility criteria in April 2010. A CAO Ombudsman assessment has been initiated and the team will be discussing options for resolution with the relevant parties.


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