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Case Story Library

ACCESS aims to provide a central and single space for a comprehensive collection of cases that involve a diversity of grievance mechanisms, processes, industries, grievances and geographies.

ACCESS has taken ownership of the BASESwiki online resource platform, established by the UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights, Professor John Ruggie, as part of his process of broad consultation to develop the UN Guiding Principles. ACCESS is building on the work of BASESwiki, improving and expanding its resources with the aim of developing a reliable curated online Case Story Library and discussion forum on non-judicial conflict resolution between companies and communities.  

The Case Story Library presents case stories that demonstrate how companies and communities have attempted to resolve their problems using non-judicial means and offer an important source of learning and further analysis. The library contains a variety of cases presented from the perspective of the involved grievance mechanism. These cases are indicated by the logo of the grievance mechanism.

In addition, ACCESS will commission a series of ten new case stories each year. These case stories are written from a multi-stakeholder perspective, maintaining the voice and presenting the perspectives of the parties who were themselves involved in the dispute resolution process. They are guided by an academic researcher, but written by senior neutral practitioners to maintain the variety of voices and perspectives on what was attempted, what was achieved, and the lessons to be learned.

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