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    UN Global Compact

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum

The UN Global Compact and Verisk Maplecroft developed a Forum designed to stimulate discussion about the dilemmas responsible multi-national companies may face in their efforts to respect and support human rights when operating in emerging economies. The Forum includes an introduction to the field of business and human rights and its underlying frameworks and guidances and an introduction to the dilemmas that businesses operating in so-called 'new growth environments' face. The main content of the Forum consists of the various dilemma pages. These can be accessed by browsing the interactive map or by searching for a dilemma theme. Each dilemma is introduced as  follows:

  • What is the dilemma?
  • Common dilemma scenarios
  • Examples of emerging economy scenarios
  • Risks to business
  • Suggestions for responsible business
  • Background to the dilemma

The suggestions presented within the dilemma pages are designed to stimulate commentary and further insight. They are not final statements on the subject, nor are they prescriptive. For each dilemma, related case studies and resources are provided. For some dilemmas, the Forum also offers a training tool to deal with the dilemmas faced or invites the users to participate in a survey about that particular dilemma. Further, users are invited to comment, through the Forum, on the approaches taken and to provide their own viewpoint on what works and what doesn't.

The Forum is part of a project funded by the GE Foundation and implemented by Verisk Maplecroft in partnership with the UN Global Compact.

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