March 17 - Upcoming company-community mediation training

The Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding, is hosting this summer’s Mediating Company-Community Conflicts. This will be the 9th ICP International Summer Academy and Forum, taking place in Switzerland from July 12-16 2016.

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The 9th International Summer Academy and Forum 2016 offers participants an overview of problems that can arise when companies work in complex environments, and how problems can be addressed through mediation and dialogue. In complex environments where companies operate, there may not be an adequate political or social infrastructure to address harms experienced by communities. In these situations, conflicts are often not prevented at an early stage, or not properly addressed. Problems include complaints over property rights, employment opportunities, issues over water use and environmental degradation. The concerns of communities may escalate rapidly, posing risks to company reputation and resulting in high costs when production and time is lost by companies managing these conflicts. Problems may also arise from the expectations of local communities around the distribution of wealth or socioeconomic development in their regions. In the midst of these challenges, companies have the potential to play an important role for development and stabilization in complex environments.  ICP aims to explore this theme in its annual Summer Academy and Forum.

In addition to the academy aspect of the event -  knowledge transfer and skills development, the event also allows participants to connect with peers and experts, create networks and develop further the participants’ own activities and projects in the field (forum aspect). AACCESS, together with its Community of Practice of dialogue facilitators will play an active role facilitating workshops and cases at the academy:

Antonio Bernales Alvarado, is Executive Director, lead consultant and founder of Futuro Sostenible, a Peruvian non-profit organization dedicated to research, training and assistance in environmental negotiation, consensus building and mediation process. Antonio, also a Community of Practice steering committee member and senior mediator, will give a seminar about lessons from two cases that he facilitated in the Amazon Basin.

 The seminar presents two conflicts between a transnational company with two different Indigenous populations. Both cases were related to exploration rights conceded by governments in the 1990s. The lecture will present key elements of the conflict dynamics, institutional settings, Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives, process design and innovative approaches to establish processes of dialogue. The seminar will also look at how new standards and better governance were generated.

Mia Theresa Quiaoit-Corpus is the Executive Director for the Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, an NGO focused on delivering non-adversarial process of dispute resolution across the Asia Pacific Region. Mia is also a senior mediator and co-chair of the Community of Practice of dialogue facilitators. Mia will lead an Academy workshop about a dispute resolution process involving communities that were impacted by the building of the Ambuklao and Binga dams in the Benguet Province of the Philippines. The mediated dialogue was facilitated by the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman of the World Bank Group and the mediation was conducted by the Conflict Resolution Group in the Philippines, with Mia as one of the facilitators.

Sarah Daitch is the Program Manager at ACCESS Facility, an international multi-stakeholder platform helping companies, communities and governments find better ways of working together to prevent and resolve conflict. Sarah is a mediator and facilitator from northern Canada. She will facilitate a workshop on the non-judicial grievance mechanisms landscape. Through examining cases, and working through an interactive small group activity, participants will come away from the workshop with an understanding of where dialogue based processes fit into the non-judicial grievance mechanism landscape, and gain insight into whether these processes can contribute to effective remedy.

Pascal Gemperli, a mediator, trainer and member of the Community of Practice of dialogue facilitators, is the co-founder of the ICP, and organizer of the Academy. Pascal and his colleagues will lead the session “Mediating Mining Conflicts in Morocco” based on their involvement in a mediation case with Imiter silver mine, facilitated together with a Moroccan NGO, RAZDED. This case addressed social revolts regarding wealth distribution, employment, environmental issues and socio-economic development in the region where the mine is located. The session explores the past and present of the case, and examines the design and implementation of the  dialogue process.  

The early bird registration for the summer academy and forum 2016 on Mediating Company-Community Conflicts is now open. Register at:

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