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Listed below are all available non-judicial grievance mechanisms in the ACCESS database in alphabetical order. To sort by grievance mechanism type, country, or industry, use the filter options in the left panel.

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ABB Group

ABB Business Ethics Hotline

Acacia Mining Plc

Acacia Grievance Mechanism

Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A. (Grupo ACS, or ACS Group)

Ethical Channel/Canal Ético - Whistleblowing System

adidas Group

Complaint Process

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), United Kingdom

Dispute resolution for labour related disputes in the United Kingdom

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

National Human Rights Institution

African Development Bank Group

Independent Review Mechanism for people adversely impacted by a project financed by the Bank Group

Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Aneka Tambang (ANTAM)

Company Level Complaints Mechanism for concerns regarding ANTAM's operations in Indonesia

Anglo American Plc - Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox

Guidance on the development and implementation of a complaints procedure for project level complaints

Anglo American, Speak Up

Whistle-blowing mechanism at corporate level for complaints with regard to fraud, inappropriate activities or conduct contrary to Anglo American's business principles

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Accountability Mechanism for people adversely affected by an ADB assisted project

Australia Capital Territory Human Rights Commission

Independent statutory agency for the promotion of human rights and welfare of people living in the Australia Capital Territory (ACT)

Australian Human Rights Commission

National Human Rights Institution

Barangay Justice System (Katarungang Pambarangay)

An alternative, community-based mechanism in the Philippines

Barrick Gold Corporation: Olgeta Meri Igat Raits

Remediation Framework in response to sexual violence against women by security forces in the proximity of the Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea

Barrick Hemlo

Grievance and Resolution Procedure

BG Group

Speak Up

About mechanisms

ACCESS Facility has begun to map existing non-judicial grievance mechanisms and provides access to information regarding where these mechanisms are located, how their procedures work, and what supporting resources are available. This database provides summary descriptions of non-judicial grievance mechanisms relevant for addressing company-community conflicts.

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