National Centre for Human Rights of Jordan

National Human Rights Institution


Accreditation status: A

The National Centre for Human Rights of Jordan (“the Centre”) is an independent national institution which was established under  Law No. 51 for the year 2006. The mission of the Centre is to protect and promote human rights, monitor their status, provide legal consultations and assistance, handle complaints, and observe human rights violations. The Centre can request any information it sees necessary for the realization of its objectives from the concerned parties, which have to respond without delay. If the violation of human rights is made by a public employee, the Centre may notify the organization, where the employee is working and request adoption of the suitable measures against him/her. 

The Centre also provides legal counseling to those requesting it and can make recommendations and submit proposals necessary for safeguarding human rights in the Kingdom.

Who can access it?  

Any and all citizens of Jordan, against who human rights violations have been performed can submit a complaint.

How does it work? 

The Monitoring and Complaints Unit is the unit responsible for receiving complaints, requests for legal assistance, notifications, appeals and statements of opinion. The Unit also provides legal advice to those who submit a question through the online form. It also investigates the validity of complaints which are then referred either to the Follow-up and Ending violation cases Unit, in order to follow-up the complaint with the relevant quarters and end the violations, or to the competent authority. 

Incoming complaints to the The Monitoring and Complaints Unit can be made through the following means

  • The electronic site of the Center by completing the special form for this purpose.
  • The telephone number of the center.
  • The 24- hour complaints-receiving hotline.
  • Coming in person to the Center.

It is to be noted that according to Article 11 (A) of the Law of the Center, all complaints are looked into in complete confidentiality. Anonymous complaints are not looked into.


Follow-up anf Ending violation cases Unit functions are to verify the abuses and follow-up pending the decision and inform the relevant parties in accordance with special forms, reports and mechanisms adopted.  


The Monitoring and Complaints Unit is responsible for permanent observation and follow of human rights reality in the Kingdom, including monitoring and identify ways of dealing with receipted complaints whether by reference to the competent authority or cooperating with the Follow-up Unit.


Website of The National Centre for Human Rights of Jordan

Law No. 51 for the year 2006

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June, 2015

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