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The Romanian National Contact Point (“NCP”) was established according to G.D. No. 420/2005. The attributions of the NCP refer to:

  • Promotion of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (“Guidelines”).
  • Analyzing the questions on aspects regarding the Guidelines and contributing to their solutions.
  • Disseminating the information regarding the experiences of adhering countries to the OECD Declaration in applying the Guidelines.
  • Preparing an annual report for the OECD Investment Committee about its activities.

The NCP provides a forum for discussion and assists the business community, employee organizations and other parties concerned to deal with the issues raised in an efficient and timely manner in accordance with applicable law.

The NCP Secretariat is located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“MFA”) and the Romanian Center for Trade and Investment (“RCTI”). The executive function is performed by the Business Environment Unit at the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Business Environment (“METBE”) and the RCTI. Coordination is carried out by the METBE and the MFA. NCP’s members include various ministries, the RCTI, National Institute for Economic Research, Alliance of Romanian Patronage Confederation, and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

How does it work?

After a request has been submitted, in providing assistance, the NCP:

1. Makes an initial assessment of whether the issues raised merit further examination and responds to the party or parties raising them.

2. Where the issues raised merit further examination, provides good offices to help the parties involved to resolve the issue. For this purpose, the NCP consults with the parties and where relevant:

  • seeks advice from relevant authorities, and/or representatives of the business community, employee organizations, other NGOs and relevant experts;
  • consults the NCP in the other country or countries concerned;
  • seeks the guidance of the OECD Investment Committee if it has doubt about the interpretation of the Guidelines in particular instances;
  • offers, and with the agreement of the parties involved, facilitates access to consensual and non-adversarial means, such as conciliation or mediation, to assist in dealing with the issues.

Who can access it? 

The specific instance request may be addressed to the NCP by any individual or legal person and should contain the direct reference to the OECD Guidelines that is considered to be infringed as well as the argumentation/documentation for this assumption. Within the specific instance request, it should be mentioned if the case is or was presented in a court of law.


About the Romanian National Contact Point

Resolution of issues related to implementation of OECD Guidelines



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