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Business Practices Office (BPO)


Novartis International AG is a multinational healthcare company based in Switzerland. Novartis has three operating divisions: pharmaceuticals, Alcon (eye care), and Sandoz (generics).

Novartis developed a Code of Conduct to define the company’s commitments to meet the expectations of their stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen. The Code covers issues including human rights, health, safety and environment, fair working conditions, and freedom to join an association provided that local law is respected.

The Business Practices Office (BPO) was established to handle violations of the Novartis Code of Conduct, pertinent policies, and/or external law or regulation.

Who can access it? 

The services of the BPO are accessible to all staff members and external stakeholders. Anonymous reports are accepted.

How does it work?

Conduct that can be reported to the BPO includes any conduct that violates the Novartis Code of Conduct and pertinent policies and/or external law or regulation.

Potential misconduct can be reported to the BPO using various channels:

  • In person (to a BPO officer, a supervisor, a Human Resources representatives, the Country President, any member of the Legal Department, or any Compliance Officer)
  • By letter
  • By fax
  • By phone. To find the number for your location, go to the web-based EthicsPoint service and fill out the form.
  • By e-mail to
  • Through the web-based EthicsPoint service. This service operates in more than 50 languages. After a report has been completed, the reporter will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." After 5-6 business days, this report key and password can be used to check the report for feedback or questions. The reporter can choose to have his/her report be sent to Novartis by EthicsPoint on a confidential and anonymous basis.

The BPO investigates all complaints, and escalates any substantiated cases of misconduct to management for appropriate action. The BPO generally aims to turn around each case within eight weeks.

The Code of Conduct states that individuals who report potential misconduct or who provide information or otherwise assist in any inquiry or investigation of potential misconduct will be protected against retaliatory action.


Breaches of the Novartis Code of Conduct can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Novartis Corporate Website

Novartis Code of Conduct

Webpage EthicsPoint service

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