November 12 - ACCESS Collaborates on Two Panels on the Role of Non-Judicial Remedy at the Upcoming 2015 United Nations Business and Human Rights Forum

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ACCESS Panel 1 - Effective company-level grievance mechanisms: multi-stakeholder perspectives and examples from practice


When:                          Monday 16 November, from 16:40 – 18:00

Where:                         Room XXII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Organized by:             ACCESS Facility in cooperation with the

                                     UN Global Compact


ACCESS and the UN Global Compact are co-organizing a panel discussion on effective company level grievance mechanisms, set up to provide communities with an avenue to seek redress for negative impacts of business activity.

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights state that business enterprises should establish or participate in effective operational-level grievance mechanisms. While these mechanisms in theory may play an important role in providing access to remedy, there is relatively little guidance available for companies on how to design their mechanisms in a way that provides effective remedy for those affected.

This session will feature experiences and practical examples from business, civil society, trade unions, company-community mediators and global experts to offer better insight and understanding of what make company-level grievance mechanisms effective in practice.

Read the full concept note here 

If you are attending the Business and Human Rights Forum in Geneva this year, and are interested in company-level grievance mechanisms, join us at this panel on Monday 16 November, at 16.40, in room XXII at Palais des Nations.

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 B. Ganson | G. Barbieri  |  D. Justice | K.McDonnell | M. Corpus 


ACCESS Panel 2: Innovative approaches in company-community dispute resolution in complex environments

When:                          Wednesday 18 November, from 08:20 – 9:40

Where:                         Room XXII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Organized by:             Community of Practice of dialogue facilitators,

                                     supported by ACCESS Facility as its Secretariat,

                                     Peace Nexus Foundation, IMCP, and

                                     PartnerGlobal. CAO will be presenting. 


While the potential for business to play an important stabilizing role in complex environments is increasingly recognized, large scale investments can create or exacerbate conflicts. The business and human rights field calls for new approaches for managing relationships between companies, communities and governments based on practice and evidence. However, in complex environments, the presence of power imbalances or tensions among parties demands new approaches in the field of community-company dispute resolution that will produce rights-compatible outcomes. This session focuses on facilitators’ perspectives on how to build effective collaborative processes that empower and allow stakeholders to reach rights-compatible outcomes, while transforming their conflicts for the better.

In the first part of the panel, independent mediators from different regions of the world will speak about specific topics such as inclusive engagement, capacity building for conflict prevention, and how to build legitimate processes for conflict transformation. The second part of the panel will give the floor to the users of facilitated dialogue between company, communities and governments. Based on the themes and topics that emerge, the final part of the panel will be a facilitated dialogue between the audience and the panellists.

Read the full concept note here

If you are interested in participating in an interactive panel on how mediation and dialogue can address company-community conflict, join us on Wednesday 18 November, from 08:20 – 9:40, in room XXII at Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Follow updates and information about this panel on twitter: #ACCESS2

P.Lumerman | M. Corpus | B. Ganson | G. Barbieri | A. Kissami | C. Salazar


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