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OECD NCP Canada - Canadian Labour Congress vs. Ivanhoe Mines Ltd

Burma 2002

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The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) submitted a complaint to the Canadian National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD Guidelines for MNEs (Guidelines) in November 2002 concerning the operations of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. in Burma. Upon reviewing the CLC submission, the NCP decided that the complaint merited further examination under the Guidelines. The NCP held a series of discussions with both parties and offered to facilitate a dialogue.


The NCP reported that it was unable to proceed with the dialogue, because the two parties failed to reach agreement to participate in the process.

The NCP sent a letter to both parties in February 2006 formally ending its involvement with the submission.

The NCP noted that the Government of Canada expects and encourages Canadian companies to observe the OECD Guidelines in their operations abroad.

Canadian NCP Statement:

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