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OECD NCP Germany - Greenpeace vs. TotalFinaElf

Siberia 2003

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The complaint alleged that TotalFinaElf and its Russian suppliers had committed environmental crimes. The Complainants maintained that oil production in Russia violated German water pollution laws, and that by sourcing from Russian suppliers, TotalFinaElf was complicit the environmental destruction.

Greenpeace contended that TotalFinaElf’s headquarters in Berlin was at fault, because it made the business decisions. In addition, Russian crude was delivered to the Leuna refinery in Germany.

The complaint also asked the German NCP to investigate leaking oil pipelines and the clean up of the tundra and taiga in Siberia, which is contaminated with oil.


Although the NCP held several meetings Greenpeace and TotalFinaElf, the case was rejected in May 2003 due to the lack of an investment nexus.


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