Operational-level Grievance Mechanisms: Good Practice Survey

This Good Practice Survey is designed to summarize the growing body of literature on community grievance mechanisms. It extracts the key insights from an array of publications and draws them together in a single, easy-to-use document focused on the needs of industry practitioners. As the guidance surveyed in this document is yet to be tested systematically within the oil and gas industry, IPIECA has initiated a series of pilot implementation projects sponsored by member companies to field-test approaches to grievance mechanisms in different operating contexts. The pilots will test the basic precepts of this survey, with an emphasis on promoting local solutions to local challenges. During this process, participating companies will take part in a collaborative learning process designed to share knowledge and understanding about how to make grievance mechanisms work in practice. The results of this experience will inform the IPIECA Guide to Grievance Mechanisms in the Oil and Gas Industry, to be published at the conclusion of the project.

This Good Practice Survey starts with a section that promotes a broader understanding grievance mechanisms, and presents the business case for, the foundational principles underlying, the procedural steps towards and potential attributes of good practice related to the use of operational-level grievance mechanisms. The document then moves on to a discussion on the design and implementation of such mechanisms and an explanation of the overall process for creating a grievance mechanism. The final section addresses the management framework to support a grievance mechanism, elaborates on the integration of a mechanism with existing systems, and introduces several resources that provide additional insight on this topic.

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