ACCESS runs its projects along four themes through which it aims to contribute to effective problem solving between companies and communities:

ACCESS to reliable resources

ACCESS provides reliable information and insight to interested parties and the public in general by collecting and curating a  body of case stories, reflections from practice, academic research and other resources on collaboration, preventive action and conflict resolution.

ACCESS to a community of practice

ACCESS creates safe spaces for dialogue across institutions and points of view: making room for both those who may be skeptical about non-judicial remedies and those who are already change agents in their communities. ACCESS encourages a critical yet constructive approach to challenges and opportunities. Convenings are anticipated at the national and regional levels.

ACCESS to new and actionable insight

ACCESS advances evidence-based practice. Both as a curator of existing resources and a convener of a broad-based community of practice, ACCESS is well-situated to help crystallize the critical questions to which parties need better and more practical answers. ACCESS will bridge to research partners and practitioners to generate new evidence and insight.

ACCESS to capacity building and expert resources

ACCESS supports skills development for representatives of local communities and civil society organizations, companies, professional facilitators, and other role players through regional capacity building and training programs, and provides access to senior practitioners who can help parties diagnose problems and develop solutions when expert assistance is called for.