• May, 2012
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UN “Protect, Respect, Remedy” Framework and the UNGPs - A Guide for Trade Unionists

This guide introduces the UNGPs to trade unionists as a valuable and important publication, equal to the OECD Guidelines and the ILO MNE Declaration. This briefing focuses on six essential elements of the Guiding Principles that make them valuable for trade unionists:

  • the distinction between the role of the state and the role of business;
  • the clarification of the responsibilities of business (including the so-called “voluntary” issue);
  • a new expectation of what constitutes responsible behavior (due diligence);
  • the scope of responsibility (the “supply chain” issue);
  • the importance of remedy; and
  • the UN Framework and the UNGPs as a foundation for further development including binding rules.

It then moves on to discussing the role of  trade unions in the further development of the UN Framework and Guiding Principles and an action plan for trade unionists in dealing with the Guiding Principles.

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