Understanding this tool

The ACCESS Navigational Tool is designed to assist companies, communities and their representatives in navigating their way through the non-judicial conflict resolution landscape and to help them in making an informed choice about the most appropriate mechanism for their dispute. 

How does it work?

Based on your input, the tool will help you filter the mechanisms most relevant to you. If you do not know the answer to a question, you can leave that field blank. The more questions you answer, the more tailored the results are to your situation. If it is unclear to you what a question means, or if you need help with using the tool, feel free to contact us.

What to expect

The results will display the mechanisms in the ACCESS database that could be relevant to you. These could include company-level, (multi)industry-level, and national-level mechanisms, and mechanisms of financial institutions. To make an informed choice about which options might be most relevant to you, a summary description and the contact details of the mechanisms are presented. 

Even when a mechanism is listed as a potential option it is not necessarily available to you or can address your complaint. Each mechanism has its own admissibility requirements. You will still need to check whether you are eligible to file the complaint and whether the complaint is admissible.

You will see that – next to potentially available grievance mechanisms – the option of dialogue facilitation will also be presented. This is a non-judicial process of conflict resolution based on dialogue and facilitated by a professional third-party mediator or neutral third party. This option is available only when both community and company agree to it. If so, you may find a dialogue facilitator in our directory of professional facilitators

The ACCESS Navigational Tool does not advise you which mechanism to use. It merely helps you narrow down the available options so that you can make an informed choice.

This tool displays results for non-judicial grievance mechanisms only, and does not include information on judicial mechanisms.

We are in the process of listing as many non-judicial grievance mechanisms as possible. Please note that there may be options available to you that are not yet listed in the ACCESS database. 


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