Video panel on the role of Neutrals

ACCESS Facility hosts a global community of dialogue facilitators. These experienced professionals from around the world use consensus-based processes to help communities, companies, and governments resolve disputes through dialogue by engaging constructively to find their way to rights-compatible, interest-based solutions to common challenges.

The opening conference of ACCESS provided a platform for experts from all over the world to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in company-community conflicts. During the conference, five dialogue facilitators experienced in company-community conflict resolution shared their firsthand experience with the audience.

These videos reflect the panel titled: "Roles for Neutrals", featuring experienced dialogue faciliators:

  • Antonio Bernales, Director of Futuro Sostenible;
  • David Fairman, Managing Director at Consensus Building Institute (CBI);
  • Femi Ajibola, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at New Nigeria Foundation (NNF);
  • Gina Barbieri, Senior Specialist Ombudsman at the Office of the Compliance Advisor / Ombudsman (CAO).

The session was moderated by David Kovick, Senior Advisor at Shift.

The first video is a preview of the panel discussion:


The second video contains the full panel discussion:


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